Monday, August 3, 2015

Brennan Vineyards; ready for harvest and ready for the world!
Our cultural buzz seems to be focused on the big cities and the hope that there is some kind of bight future in the urban centers.  However, it is in Comanche Texas, that the past and future are entwined very tangibly and you can feel an synergy where creation and innovation is happening.  I love to visit the area, my Mom's side of the family is from here, it is a great part of Texas.  This is a very rural part of the state with many farms and ranches, where many people work long and hard to put food on our tables.  Then there are the many wind turbines across the region spinning and generating clean electricity.  They are connected to the world via the internet and yet you can drive a few miles further and loose your cell phone signal.  The local realtor advertises 40k starter homes along side the 400k sprawling estates.  Here the present is the past existing side by side with the future with no pretense or conceit.  And, you can see and taste all this at Brennan Vineyards.

On the south side of Comanche, across the railroad tracks, in an area somewhat industrial, somewhat run down and somewhat new, being developed, and vibrant; you will find Brennan's winery with the estate vineyards next door.  It looks and feels like an oasis with giant trees, lush landscaping and sprawling vineyards.  The tasting room is in the historic McCrary House with the state of the art winery a few yards away.  I was treated to a tour and tasting with the wineries talented Sommelier and Director of Marketing, Rebecca Conley.  It was obvious and mentioned that they were gearing up for harvest, their busiest and most stress filled and long hard days that any wineries experiences.  As impressive as the facility is, it is the quality of the wines in the glass that blew me away!  The entire line up of wines is very impressive, expertly crafted and honest wines, tip of the hat to winemaker Tim Webster, great guy, very humble for the talent he demonstrates, he is worth meeting if you get the opportunity.

Highlights from my tasting; while renowned for their Viognier, they are offering a 2014 Reserve Viognier for the first time in a decade!  It is amazing with a classic rich and lush mouthfeel delivering apple, pear and lemon fruit with some subtle stonefruit and long complex finish.  This is a classic and elegant expression of Viognier that should be served throughout the world.

Two of my favorites were from their 4.0 Cellars line; the 2012 Syrah which showed big juicy flavors of black cherry with hints of anise and black pepper, luscious wine. And, the 2012 Mourvedre which has a fascinating aroma of french onion and cherries with awesome juicy flavors of vanilla and cherry and that toe curling velvety finish.

We all love the superheros and quite cleverly they have named their wine made from Nero d'Avola grapes; "Super Nero!"  The 2012  is super smoky on the nose with enticing hints of black fruit. The flavors are complex with a bite of tar up front, big juicy and meaty fruit flavors like plum and wild berries, a touch of coco and more as the finish goes to infinity and beyond!

Yet, there is no denying the super star of the line up is the winemakers choice simply titled "W."  This is a beguiling multi vintage and multi grape blend.  It has the smoky and tar aromas on the nose with the big, rich and lush flavors aggressive on the palate.  Black berry and black cherry fruit combines vanilla and licorice to make a complex and long finish that is outstanding for red wines from the best wineries in the world.  I plan for  some friends to taste this wine blind against some expensive Napa red blends.  My money is on the "W."

Brennan Vineyards is wonderful place, you simply must go, see and taste for yourself.  You will be in Comanche and there is a lot to see and appreciate; look beyond the past, anticipate the future in the wind and realize that it is all bottled up in 750ml bottles of wine for you to enjoy today and tomorrow!

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