Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Showdown at Sunset 2

How would you like to try $508 worth of wine for only $27?  Of course you would!!!
Come try my new “Showdown at Sunset” wine flight featuring:

On a scale of one to ten; which Pinot Noir is a perfect TEN?

Comparative tasting is really fun! When it is all said and done what it boils down to is which wine would you rather drink and how much are you willing to pay for it? And we have clearly experienced that beauty is in the eyes of the taster; In our last Showdown at Sunset we ended with a tie, and the wine one couple thought was the worst was another couple’s favorite!?! In our “Showdown” tasting; all bets are off and any rules are out the window...four wines are poured, two ounces each, and you tell us which one you like the most. Simple & fun!

September 5th 2014

On a scale of one to ten; which Pinot Noir is a perfect TEN?
In today’s tasting we are taking one grape; Pinot Noir, from one region; California, and grown as close to each other as possible (from our list) and see if there is one that is PERFECTION in the glass? A perfect TEN?  You decide!

2 oz each of four wines for $27. with tasting notes. (while supplies last.)

-The Ojai, Presidio Vineyard, Santa Barbara County, California, 2008     Bin#414      $96.00 (VOTE = 3)
The Ojai Vineyard, owned by Adam & Helen Tolmach, works closely with a dozen different vineyards on the Central Coast of California and produces wines which are vineyard designated wines.  Stunning wine! Aromas of raspberries with scents of earth and spices: it is quite exotic! The flavors are particularly rich and savory.  The results in this glass will make you a believer in biodynamic farming. This property located west of the Santa Rita Hills a very cool climate that preserves the distinct character of the grapes--their struggle to ripen at this windy site produces their unique personality. Biodynamic farming requires a special attentiveness to the needs of the vine, which has a direct bearing on this wine.

-Surh Luchtel, Garys' Vineyard, Santa Lucia Highlands, California, 2009  Bin#427   $96.00 (VOTE = 1)
The famed vineyard gets its name from the owners Gary Pisoni and Gary Franscioni. Seventeen year old vines growing on sandy loam soil and blown by strong coastal winds off the Monterrey bay. The average summertime high temperatures are in the mid 70's. Concentrated, with silky tannins and lively acidity. It has its signature aroma of red fruit - stewed black cherries, ripe raspberry, tobacco, tea and spice. It is a kind of wine that we like to enjoy over many hours and watch it develop. Surh Luchtel wines are the result of collaboration between two long time friends Don Surh and Gary Luchtel.

-Sandhi, Santa Rita Hills, California, 2010     Bin#433   $96.00 (VOTE = 2)
Showcasing all the exuberance of Sta. Rita Hills Pinot Noir. A blend of vineyard in the Sta. Rita Hills with over half the fruit from 40 year-old vines at the Sanford & Benedict vineyard! The rest coming from younger vines at Rita’s Crown and Bent Rock. It has bright, shiny, crunchy black raspberry fruit with great aromatic lift of fruit, flowers and cola spice.  Sandhi is an exciting joint venture by Rajat Parr, the wine director for Michael Mina Restaurants, Charles Banks, the former owner of Jonata and Screaming Eagle, and the talented winemaker, Sashi Moorman. Their goal is to produce distinctive high quality wines from select vineyards in the Santa Rita Hills of Santa Barbara County.

-Sea Smoke, "Ten" Santa Rita Hills, California, 2010   Bin#429   $220.00 (VOTE = 2)
Not for the faint-of-heart, A brooding and intense wine that has been known, on occasion, to convert even the most fanatic Cabernet lover. Ten is named for the ten Pinot Noir clones in the Sea Smoke estate vineyard, but, it may as well be the rating on a scale of one to ten.  The aromas begin with notes of noble fir, ganache, dusty blueberry and blackberry cobbler. Firm, mature tannins followed by a long, velvety finish. 100% French Oak—65% New Barrels.  Sea Smoke’s vineyard site has high altitude, southern exposure, rich clay soils, low crop yields and the unique microclimate of the Santa Ynez River canyon, ideal for growing premium Pinot Noir.

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