Monday, August 26, 2013

Cabernet Sauvignon, JOSH CELLARS, North Coast, California

Joseph Carr's wine making team jokingly refers to this as a “vin de garage”  after work they like to sit around  wine cellar they call “the garage” and tinker with things.  Grape growers and friends come by and lend a hand,  laugh, tell stories and produce a winemaker's wine that we make just for ourselves; a handcrafted wine.  And, now they are sharing this with with you and me; named after Joseph Carr’s father, Josh, and they are expressive, but unassuming and approachable – just like Josh Carr was.

  • Cherry
  • Black Currant
  • Spicy 
  • Berry
  • Oak

The grapes are from a single vineyard in the mountains of the Red Hills at the highest section between the Vaca and Mayacamas mountain ranges. The Mayacamas are famous for great Cabernet wine, due in part to ancient pyroclastic soils that contain volcanic glass. Josh Cellars North Coast Vineyards contain obsidian gravel that allows the soils to drain well, which is extremely important for growing Cabernet grapes. The high elevation sunlight combined with the rich volcanic red soils and obsidian fragments produce quality grapes that are extremely unique to the Red Hills. The vineyard itself sits on an East facing slope with varying altitude from 1200 to 2000 feet. The average daytime summer temperature is 84 degrees with an average nighttime temperature of 51 degrees. Handpicked at the peak of flavor development, crushed and cold soaked for 24 hours; punched down three times a day to maximize flavor extraction. Followed with a 10-15 day extended maceration. Barrel aging in new American oak and 1-2 year French oak for 16 months.

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