Friday, July 19, 2013

Pinot Noir, BUENA VISTA, "VITICULTURAL SOCIETY" Sonoma County, California

Established in 1857 by the Hungarian Count Agoston Haraszthy de Mokesa, the Buena Vista Winery's contribution to establishing California wine can not be overstated.  Returning from an extensive journey throughout France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Switzerland, The Count and his son Arpad brought with them thousands of vines representing over 300 varietals.  Which were soon planted in the Buena Vista vineyards jump starting the great diversity of wines which California is famous for today.

Red Cherry
Shiitake Mushroom
Flora Nuances

In 2011, Buena Vista became part of Boisset Family Estates, a renowned and charismatic family with a collection of historic wineries and roots in Burgundy, France. The family, led in the US by Jean-Charles Boisset, possesses a true love and respect for Buena Vista—its unrivaled heritage, authentic roots, colorful history, and renowned wines. Boisset is passionately committed to its 'partnership with The Count'—to continue the vision and legacy he first created 150 years ago.

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